AS18451 Network Information

AS18451 is operated by LES.NET (1996) Inc.

It provides Internet data transit services to internet customers. It also provides the network for LES.NET VoIP Services, such as

Looking Glass operates a Looking Glass to display IP routes and allow ping and traceroute testing.


AS18451 maintains an IRR AS-SET object known as "AS-LESNET", published in the official ARIN Internet Route Registry. This object references ASNs and AS-SETs in the customer cone.

AS18451 maintains route and route6 objects covering routes it originates, also in ARIN IRR.


AS18451 has established connectivity to several Internet Exchanges, as well as private datacentre facilities in Winnipeg, Canada.

For more information, see the PeeringDB Entry for AS18451.

Preferred public peering:

Send Peering emails to arin at les dot net.

IP Transit

AS18451 operates a default-free IP network, by accepting full routes from upstream Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers.

AS18451 provides IP transit to downstream ASNs, offering full, partial, or only default routes at customer's preference.

Send service inquiries about LES.NET services to sales at les dot net.



Route Preference


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